Track Your Training & Get Immediate Analytics on Your Efforts

Plan, Track, Individualize Your Athletes' Training


Training Log

Keep track of your workouts. Just select the date, the exercises to perform and add weights, reps and sets. Then browse your training from a calendar.

Progress Tracking

You can set your goals for the main lifts and track your performance in achieveing them.


Monthly or custom volume and training intensity metrics with exercise selection and statistics.


Register as a coach, create a team, program training cycles for your athletes. Leave spreadsheets behind!

Training Design Tools

You can plan in advance the relative intensity, volume and exercise selection of the training sessions in a given cycle. The progressions you build will be plotted in charts to provide you an overview.

Easy Log

The workout weights will be pre-calculated for team athletes in pounds or kilograms based on their maxes. All they need to do is lift and leave the math for the app.

Barbell Notes For Athletes

The Ultimate Logbook

The Barbell Notes app was designed to meet the specific needs of weightlifters and powerlifters. Sign up and you will have

  • Training calendar
  • Log sets in kg or lb
  • Volume (repetition, tonnage) and Intensity tracking
  • Custom Exercise Library
  • Free Online Monthly Performance Analytics
  • PR tracking, and many more....

Barbell Notes For Coaches

The Ultimate Program Builder

Create teams and provide them the best programing with the help of Barbell Notes. Plan relative intensity, volume and exercise selection for your athletes' training. Access your athletes training logs and video links to monitor their performance!

  • Create Teams
  • Team Training Calendars
  • Create Training Cycles
  • Programm Design Assistance
  • Performance Tracking

Pricing Table


  1. Training Calendar
  2. Kg or lb log
  3. Monthly Analytics
  4. Volume tracking
  5. Intensity tracking
  6. Custom Exercise Library
  7. Data export for 5EUR/month in PDF format

Coach/Barbell Club
50 EUR / month

  1. 30 Day Free Trial
  2. Team Training Management
  3. Unlimited Athlete Accounts
  4. Training Calendar
  5. Training Cycles
  6. Easy logging for athletes
  7. Performance Tracking
  8. Intensity and Volume mapping